Flash Sale: Get 60-75% off & Free worldwide shipping
Flash Sale: Get 60-75% off & Free worldwide shipping

Our Story

Hey there! We are Gucci Paradise, a young, expanding company, committed to supplying you with the most developed, improved, and have innovated our products to give you the highest value possible. Whether you are looking for a stylish dog collar, or a magnificent watch, you are guaranteed to find whatever you need on our website!
One thing that we´re really proud of is our top-notch customer support! Our experienced support-team does its best to answer any of your questions in the fastest possible time frame. 
We specialize in high quality products for you to enjoy.
We work hard to bring you the best products at the lowest prices.
We work directly with our suppliers and buy in bulk at a discount, this means we can pass the discount on to you! We don't deal with any middlemen who add on an extortionate fee on top of the price, so other stores simply can't compete with us. 
Thanks for checking us out, we hope you enjoy your stay. Take your time, have a look around at our different range of apparel and accessories and if you have any questions, you can reach us at info@gucciparadise.com